Fortress of St. Nicholas, Croatia

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The Fortress of St Nicholas (so named after Nick himself, lol, he wishes) was built in 1540-1547, to protect the city of Sibenik from Turkish invaders. The structure was built with stone on the bottom and red brick on the upper layers. The brick was believed to be more resistant to cannonball impacts. The fortress boasted 32 cannons, though it was never attacked because it’s size and presence was so imposing that it deterred potential attackers.
We visited first by sea, the entry was adorned beautifully by sculpture and detail. I was struck by how well lit the architecture was with only natural light. Despite its eerie quality, from its dampness and unrenovated state, it was fun to imagine the people that would have lived and worked here. Soldiers on watch protecting their city. We also learned that those posted there were never allowed to leave. It was a permanent posting. Later, we explored via a land based causeway. Along the walk there were bunkers mostly underground left over from the Nazis occupation in WW2. the bunkers would have provided shelter from air raids and also a strategic line of defense. (Unfortunately, for the most part my photos of inside these did not turn out).

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