Top 10 Activities with Kids on a Sailboat

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Living aboard with active children either permanently or just a week while chartering can make one wonder how it is possible to keep ones sanity. Rest assured there are many fun and engaging activities that will entertain the whole family. I have a compiled a non complete list of our favorites.


Boom walk, involves swinging the boom out over the water so that someone can balance their way to the end and jump off.

Halyard swing, using the spare halyard to swing from the bow out and back toward the stern before letting go at the last moment and plunging into the the water.

Boom climb, hang a rope off the boom into the water, from the water climb the rope.

Paddle board tow, attach the paddle board to the rib and tow, lie/kneel/or stand on the board (your rib and motor must be quality for this, many charter fleet ribs are not up for it)

Paddle board surfing, with a tow line for the rider to hold on to kneel or stand will being towed.

Feeding frenzy, when letting the dish water out of the sink, watch the hull ports attract all the fish.

Snorkeling, put on a snorkel set and go poke around the nooks, cranny’s and edges, so much life to be seen! Tip: movement scares fish away, so some fins and the ability to float on the water is helpful. I also prefer “dry” snorkels, they keep water out of the snorkel tube if you dive underwater

Hammock hang is my favorite. We hang our hammock from our spinnaker pole and let it swing out over the water. Wonderful and cool, a great place to have a rest between activities.

Able Seaman School of knots, with lengths of rope about at least 1m in length, teach kids to tie clove hitch, bowline and reef knots on the helm. Everyone on a boat should know these and it is a great step toward them being able to help with boat tasks, such as putting out bumpers and tying the rib astern.

Snorkel the Anchor, follow the anchor to it resting point, see if it has bit. Also fun to dive deep along the chain, using it to guide you down.

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